Is it Safe to travel with Fathers House to Israel? YES!

My name is Byron Stinson, and I go to Israel a lot. In fact, I spend about 4 months of each year in Israel, and I can tell you that traveling to Israel with any reputable tour group is very safe. Our non-profit organization,, has a testimony page where you can read the comments of many pastors and Christians that have recently made the trip with us. Please read those testimonies.

The conditions in Israel today are the same as they were when all our other trips went. On all our trips it is common for Hamas to be shooting rockets into southern Israel the entire time. But unless our group members happen to read the local news, they never even know about them. We stay in the areas we know are safe. That is not to say the conditions in Gaza right now are the same as usual or that the reporting in the U.S. is the same as usual. Those two things are very different right now, but neither of them makes the trip to Israel more dangerous. They just look and read as if it is more dangerous right now.

Honestly, there are areas in Israel that are more dangerous than others, the same as if you go to Los Angeles, California. East L.A. and Disneyland are two very different destinations, but they are only a few miles apart. This is the situation and has been the situation in Israel for years.

If you hear the Lord calling you to go to this beautiful land that speaks of God's perfection and glory, I encourage you to go. Now is the time to stand with Israel. Now is the time to go and say we support peace and the plans of God for this land.

The word of God says over and over, do not be afraid. The next thing I am going to say is not to scare you, but it is still the plain truth. We are in more danger from Hamas here in the U.S. than the citizens of Israel are at this moment.

Israel knows how to protect itself and they do it very well. Israeli children are playing on playgrounds right now, safe from Hamas, because of the security measures in place.

Friends, we need to know that Hamas and their friends are coming to the U.S. We need brave men going to Israel, seeing the situation, understanding the problems, and preparing to protect our own kids here. We need to go now to show support for the children of Israel and to learn how to protect the children of the U.S.

One last word: when I go to Israel, I take my children, my grandchildren, my 78 year old father and hundreds more Christian friends. If it were not safe, or not important, then I would not do that. Despite the efforts and aims of Hamas and all of Islam to destroy and kill every Jewish person in Israel and to destroy the U.S. as well, we are safe when we are in Israel. Why?

Our God has chosen this small piece of land to show the entire world that He alone is God! We must understand that God made a covenant with Abraham to give him the land and to bless the nations through Abraham's family. Today, He is completing that covenant. The rocks are crying out!

I hear Him calling! He has called believers from all over the world to go up and honor Him in Jerusalem.

For those who are called, let's go up to Jerusalem and honor the King!

Byron Stinson